Gracias to Qwest, DVE received a grant last spring (2008) for an imac, 18 iPods, software, speakers, and a docking cart to sync the iPods. Visit our site where you can download or listen to many of our podcasts we have created with the help of Qwest. Our podcasts actually won a KidCast Podcast award earlier this year. Many of our favorites are the podcuentos created by Mr. Juan Tejeda.


Why do iPods help us learn another language?

When I hear something repeated and repeated and repeated I get it stuck in my brain. Morgan H.
Ipods help me learn Spanish because I hear something repeatedly and it sticks in my head. Geogre R.
The podcasts repeat words and that helps. Megan M.
They have podcasts on the them and that help me learn Spanish. Ben J.
I like how they have Spanish and English on them with lots of characters. Cort R.
You can listen to the words and you can start to memorize them and learn more. Bradon M.
The videos are good because they keep repeating the words. I really like "El Plan de Dr. Evil". Brandon S.
Because I start to copy the words they say. McCabe K.
When you listen you can hear words in Spanish (they tell you in English what it means) and that helps me. Alana
I like how it talks to me. It's speaks English and Spanish and that helps. They are fun. Jacob
There are video podcasts that are really good too. Jessie
I like them because I can choose my own song and videos. Eric
Muy divertido. Mesa de los Conejos
Me encantan los cuentos. Me ayudan mucho. Sarah