Here we have documented our journey as we communicate with people and schools around the world. We are adding to it all the time.

Here are a few of our questions for our friends in Turkey. Time zones were more challenging so we used the space below to ask and answer questions.

Thank you so much for writing back! Hope you can answer a few more when you have time. We would be happy to answer questions about the USA or Colorado.

1. What is the history behind the name "Turkey"? That name is interesting to us because we love to eat turkey.

The name of our country has no relation with the animal turkey they are just homonyms.The origin of the word comes from "Turk" which represents our nationality(Turkish).Our ancestors come from The Ottoman Empire . So after The Ottoman Empire Turkish Republic is established and the country is called Turkey in english but we use and prefer "Turkiye "

We are going to study about the Ottoman Empire. We want to know how to pronounce "Turkiye" the way you guys say it!

2. What languages do you speak? (I speak Spanish and English.)Our native language is Turkish but in school we learn English and German.

It's great you are studying so many languages.

3. What kind of dolls/toys do children play with?Children are the same all over the world we guess:)so the same toys everywhere ,made in china:)
4. What are 3 popular foods?Turkish Kebab(includes meat with spices very delicious)Mantı (made of dough and meat ,yoghurt with garlic)
5. What are some important holidays in Turkey? (My two favorites are Christmas and Halloween.)
there are two important religious holidays here and other national holidays such as Children's Day ,Youth day Independance day(29th of october)
6. Does it snow a lot in Turkey? (It snows a lot in Colorado.)we have four seasons during the year,in winter it snows a lot here in our region but in other parts of Turkiye you can see summer at the same time.
7. Do you have any pets? (We have a lot of dogs, cats, and fish .)Having pets inside the house isn't so popular here except fish and birds
8. What are some animals that live in your country? You can see cats and dogs on the street, we have a lot of birds too.


1-What do you do at Christmas?

I open presents in the morning to celebrate Jesus' B Day. Later I have a nice family dinner. (Alana) Other kids in our class don't celebrate Xmas for religious reasons.

2-What are your traditional meals?

Flautas, Tacos, Chicken, soup, french fries, pasta, pizza, rolls, mashed potatoes, tamales, steak, pupusas, flan, cake (for birthdays). As you can see, Mexico influences our food choices.

3-In Turkey we have got summer holiday for students. We have a 3 month holiday and we don’t go to school at this time.

Do you have same holiday in school? yes

For how long ? 2 1/2 months

4- What kind of historic places are there in the USA ?

White House, Statue of Liberty, Mesa Verde, Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Disney Land, New York City, Space Needle, The 4 corners, Gateway Arch, Yellow Stone National Park, and Golden Gate Bridge

5- What is easter what do you do at easter?

I go to church. (Eric) We decorate eggs. (Perla) We go Easter egg hunting. (Steph) We go to brunch. (Georgia)

6- What do you do on holidays ?

Spend time with your family. Sometimes we go on trips. Sometimes we go to church.

7- If a tourist comes to visit Colorado where do you take him\her ?

Country Boy Mine, Dinosaur National Park, Nature and Science Museum, Ski Areas, Aspen, Rocky Mountains, 14 thousand foot Mountains, and White Water Rafting.

8- How is your house ?

Is it a flat in an apartment ?

Condos, houses, and apartments.

The word "flat" is new to us.

Does it have a garden ?

6 kids have gardens

6 kids do not have gardens

9- Where is your country side ?

Very close to us.

10- How many students are there in your school ?

333 kids!

11- What kinds of languages do you learn in your school?

Spanish and English

12- What is Colorado famous for ?

Rocky Mountains to the west and the Plains to the East

13- What are your e-mail addresses or do you use facebook ?

Our teacher does facebook and our older brothers and sisters and parents do facebook.

Do you want to be e-pals with us ? (we can give you our e-mail addresses you may write us if you like .)

Yes! Thanks for the questions! Good luck.

Some of us have email addresses.